Workshop Contents
EFFECTIVE MEETINGS • how to establish a good rapport with the participants of the meeting
• expressions to move from one topic to another, stop and handle interruptions
• how to express different degrees of agreement and disagreement
• how to suggest and block Ideas
• how to ask questions to clarify and complete the information
• how to close and terminate agreements.

ADM Lenguas
organizes Workshops aimed at those who are interested in improving their English proficiency in specific situations. These may be taken individually or in groups and their content and duration depend on individual needs and language levels..


A training program that focuses on communication skills that make a difference in the performance of an executive in a global company: presentations, meetings and negotiations, business writing and social interaction.

Workshop Contents
EFFECTIVE PRESENTATIONS • how to prepare and structure a presentation in English
• how to convey the message in a pleasant, clear and effective way
• expressions that allow you to move from one topic to another, referring to a visual, model,
  summarize, conclude.
• techniques to emphasize some of the information and obtain maximum impact on the audience
• how to obtain the best from visual aids and body language resources.
• how to understand and answer questions with greater confidence.
• how to handle questions and the presentation successfully
NEGOTIATIONS SKILLS • How to pave the way for negotiations
• How to make the points of conflict and agree on procedures
• Techniques to present key information and express their interests
• How to make questions to get the information you need
• Different ways to present, evaluate and react to different alternatives
• How to introduce, react and reformulate proposals.
• Techniques to close agreements and agree on an action plan.

A program to develop the key skills of communication in English. These workshops are an invaluable contribution to recycle your knowledge or adapt it to meet new requirements.

Módulo Contents
TELEPHONING • Include telephone etiquette.
• Acquire transmission efficiency and understanding of messages
• Practise the expressions used to specify, confirm and change appointments, make travel
  reservations, etc. 
SOCIALIZING • Receive and respond appropriately to the English-speaking visitors
• Describe the company premises
• Organize visits and meetings
• How to cope with / handle business lunches or dinners
WRITING • Incorporate language tools necessary to write commercial texts
• Incorporate the right style for every situation
• Organize your ideas and be cohesive
• How to correct your texts and avoid common mistakes
• Communicate good and bad news, express gratitude, make a complaint, etc.

This course is designed upon request and based on the needs of the group and the specific vocabulary area to be consolidated

Workshop Contents
• Manage/handle the specific jargon of a particular area
• Deal with reading and comprehension of specific texts with more confidence
• Gain confidence to participate in meetings or workshops with foreign specialists

DURATION:    According to company needs.

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